5 Tactics For Increasing User Retention In Your Mobile Apps

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“There’s already an uphill claim to gain users, and to get them to use your mobile app is even more of an effort.”

In the journey making your mobile app go viral, there are many ways to avoid mistakes in the mobile app development process, combining with innovative marketing tactics to attract and increase the number of users. However, that is not enough. There’s already an uphill climb to gain users, and to get them to use your mobile app is even more of an effort.

01. ONBOARDING — Make it easy

One of the often-overlooked components is onboarding. We already know that the registration process should be as few steps as possible, but the user also needs to comprehend or learn what your app is about and how it works.

  • Do not try to overwhelm your users by using some features that are not immediately required like the context emails, FAQs, and other useless notifications. Instead, try to provide users with relevant and useful information.
  • Guide for users using the app through gestures/actions needed.

02. PUSH NOTIFICATION FEATURE — Use the proper way

A very simple way to increase the participation and retention of the user is using push notifications to attract user’s attention. The Apps that do not interact with users for a long time tend to be forgotten easily in the sea of apps and eventually get removed. To restrict this issue, push notifications play a very important role. It also ensures you keep users connected and remind them of your app’s existence if used cleverly. Push notifications will help developers to notify the relevant information to users, encourage accession, enable recognition, enhance participation, and promote customer behavior (E-commerce).

03. PERSONALIZATION ELEMENTS — Do not undervalue The User Experience

Mobile app personalization is known as one of the most important points to make up a compelling app. Personalization helps to offer a more exciting, unique, relevant experience to the user. The more experience matches your users’ needs and preferences, the more likely they will continue to use your app.

04. KEEP YOUR APP UPDATED — Debug and add new features

Updating and improving your application is the best way to help you retain users. You need to continuously provide value for your users or you will lose them to your competitors when users search for the best option on the market. If a user finds something better that brings more value, they will remove your app and this will cause skyrocketing your uninstall rates.

05. TWO WAY COMMUNICATION — Collect user’s feedback solve their issues

Request your user for feedback will indicate that their comments are currently being reviewed to drive the app in the direction they want to go application. Users always want to be heard, give feedback, and see the positive changes from their feedback. Additional benefits of opening lines of communication with your users are that you will not receive the negative reviews on the app store if they can let you know in advance. Demonstrating responsiveness and resolve any questions or concerns will boost the participation rate and your retention rates, encourage positive reviews, and build long-term brand loyalty.

CONCLUSION: Shifting focus to In-apps behaviors

Today, the target of perfecting the app is not just simply an app download, but also retaining the user to build brand loyalty. Creating a list of loyal and long-term users will help to increase the average lifetime value (LTV) for your app. Applying the above methods can significantly improve and sustain user engagement to ensure that your app has an impact in the context of highly competitive applications.

Please share more other tactics you know in the comments below!

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