6 Reasons Why You Should Use Mobile Health Apps To Live Healthier

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Mobile health apps were born with one of the most rewarding objectives; to allow users to keep track of their health, diet and fitness goals. This has enabled so many, by giving them the tools to help become more rational, giving them strength, toughness and a spirit of euphoria before dealing with life’s problems.

“Do I really need a mobile health app to track my health?”

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#01 — Heart Rate Tracking

The heart is an extremely vital part of the body, it’s also very adaptable, such as when you do intense exercise or encounter heart elevating situations this can cause the heart to beat strong, the veins inside must stretch to push the blood around your body faster, this makes your body produce heat, in order to counteract your rising temperature, your body will start to sweat. Of course, this should not happen regularly as it would not be healthy for your heart working at maximum capacity all the time. Therefore, mobile health apps will help you to control your heart rate better. Fitbit will take note and measure your heart rate in each frame, in any exercise. It will also analyze your heart rate through charts and create intervals for you to rest and control your heart rate if doing exercise. So you will be aware of how long your body takes to reach the threshold for fat burning and reaching your resting heart rate.

#02 — Sleep Quality Control

With most people, lack of sleep quality and sleeping difficulties during 1–2 days can cause terrible fatigue. There has been an extensive study to suggest that adequate sleep is essential to maintaining your physical and mental health. If you have trouble with this, fear not, Fitbit can help! Sleep Stages — one of Fitbit’s new functions that helps you to control each stage of sleep in a specific way and help you form better sleeping habits, this function is only available in the Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Blaze, and Fitbit Charge 2. The Fitbit app will remind you of the time to sleep and wake up to help you create a better sleeping pattern.

#03 — Making Training Goals and Competing with Your Friends

How do you get in shape and increase fitness? One answer could be, that we have to have a goal and a specific training plan to accompany it. Mobile health apps can aggregate the daily activities by recording the exact number of steps via monitoring distance as well as your health data to determine the suitable training type for each fitness goal.

#04 — Dining Diary & Controlling Calories

Balance in nutrition is very important. It depends on your age and activities that determine your ideal diet, but how can you eat consistently, train, and still provide adequate nutrients necessary for your body?

#05 — Stay Hydrated

Water is one of the most important ingredients for human health. A strict management system is in place to determine the concentration of water in the human body to prevent dehydration and ensure human survival. Water makes up more than two-thirds of the human body weight, we will die within a few days without water. The human brain is made up of 75% water. Just reduced by 2% concentration of water in the body can cause the following symptoms: short-term memory will get worse and make it harder to concentrate. Mild dehydration causes daytime fatigue. Therefore, helping you to stay hydrated is an extremely clever feature from some mobile health apps (including Fitbit’s App), which can track and provide data on the amount of water that your body needs to consume during/after exercise, you’ll also be reminded throughout the day. All you need to do is just open the app catalog, select the “Water” function and enter the amount of water you consumed each day. It’s easy!

#06 — Keeping Motivated

Knowing the importance of the training is one thing, but having enough motivation to keep on track, that’s a different story. When starting to use a health app, you will encounter a lot of difficulties as you don’t know what to do, what to eat, or what is the right exercise method. That makes you feel tired and make your workout spirit fall down; Finally, you don’t see a change then quickly fall back to your old ways. So how do you keep continually motivated to change into your more successful self? That’s a reason why you could use the assistance of a mobile health app. It will be a companion or ‘gym buddy’ who always reminds you to do the daily necessary exercise to help you improve your health as well as keep in shape.

Will you use mobile health apps?

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