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With the help of new tools, developing a mobile app is not a difficult task nowadays. However, it’s not easy to create a successful app. The evidence is that nearly 40% of all downloaded apps are uninstalled within the first 2 or 3 weeks of use. This is the reason that most technical leaders emphasize learning about the software ecosystem, following the latest market trends and frameworks. And it can help developers predict issues that are brought to the platform with the latest release versions.

So, let’s have a run-in with me discussing the latest frameworks to develop a mobile…

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COVID-19, or the coronavirus, is a global pandemic that’s spreading at a very fast speed. And tracking its spread has become one of the top concerns of not only the government but also the citizens around the world. There are some web & apps that may be useful for tracking public health information, like the spread of the deadly virus, but be careful when downloading and using them. In emergencies, many scammers have created fake product applications only to gain access to your data and your money. …

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Nowadays Smartphones have become a popular item for people. More than 3 billion people globally use smartphones and spend most of the time on mobile apps to discover new things. To take advantage of this opportunity, many businesses develop mobile apps to add value to their products and services and stand out from the crowd.

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Up to now, Industrial Revolution 4.0 has become the main trend impacting on every aspect of life, and on a global scale. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2018 report, Canada is the leading country in the industrial revolution, following by Japan, Germany, Australia, respectively. Asia, particularly China, Vietnam, and India, have grown significantly on the wave of the technological revolution. These countries have been well-known as outsourcing destinations for IT outsourcing for owning the skillful workforce and yet, low labor costs. …

Mobile app development from some aspects of life in Danang

Danang has been famous for being an innovation hub of Vietnam in all aspects of life. The city plans to become a “Smart City 4.0” in 10 years. Let’s have a quick review of how the mobile app has changed this city.

01. Tourism

Since being established in 2011, Xamarin has been developing and become an essential framework among worldwide mobile app developers. This article is going to focus on Xamarin’s primary benefits and appliances.

Xamarin offers a cross-platform framework, which means, developers can use one single codebase to build mobile apps on iOS, Android, and Windows phone systems. The strategy is, the codebase can be shared between different platforms when developers build an app for different Operating Systems. And, each mobile app runs as a native app on each mobile system. With this strategy, Xamarin reduces time-taking on writing code for different Operating…

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

The Tech world is very dynamic, innovative, and constantly changing. That required the developers and programmers must change over to be able to adapt to the new trends of the world. So, what are the technology trends in mobile application development in 2020? I will help you to quickly synthesize a list of top trends of 2020.

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“There’s already an uphill claim to gain users, and to get them to use your mobile app is even more of an effort.”

In the journey making your mobile app go viral, there are many ways to avoid mistakes in the mobile app development process, combining with innovative marketing tactics to attract and increase the number of users. However, that is not enough. There’s already an uphill climb to gain users, and to get them to use your mobile app is even more of an effort.

Users install and then remove the app every day. They uninstall an app for…

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