[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 11 Mobile App Development Trends That Will Rule In 2020

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2020

The Tech world is very dynamic, innovative, and constantly changing. That required the developers and programmers must change over to be able to adapt to the new trends of the world. So, what are the technology trends in mobile application development in 2020? I will help you to quickly synthesize a list of top trends of 2020.


The blockchain is a truly global phenomenon now. And this technology is probably the best invention from the Internet. It allows us to exchange values without trust or pledge. This is a strict security system with high safety that can against the actions of stealing data. Even if a part of the blockchain system collapses, computers and other nodes will continue to protect information and keep the network continues to operate. We are aware of blockchain technology’s importance and how it has reshaped the world of cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain has the ability to cut costs, reduce the time of payment transactions, and improve the cash flow significantly. Enterprises in various industries, such as retail, financial services, health care, especially want to use blockchain technology to develop their mobile apps. As per Gartner, blockchain will boom with $3.1T in business value by 2030. It will certainly be one of the top trends to track in 2020.


The idea of connecting things (IoT) has emerged from many decades ago. A simple way to understand, the IoT is a network of all devices such as smartphones, washing machines, lamps, coffee makers… that can connect with each other and exchange data via the Internet (wi-fi, a broadband telecommunications network, Bluetooth, …). IoT has very high growth with an increase in the number of connected devices.

According to Gartner, the global will have 20 billion internet-connected things by 2020, and more than 65% of enterprises (up from 30% today) will apply IoT products. The concept of smart cities and self-driving vehicles are not strangers anymore. This means that it needs more space to process data and maximize the use of data. Therefore, IoT will be gradually integrated with AI, machine learning, and cloud computing in 2020 to conform to the trend of new digital conversion.


Nowadays, Chatbots have become an indispensable part of most in-demand apps for business and e-commerce companies, especially for communication apps, such as Slack, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram; and it allows you to respond quickly in real-time with your customers. They are intelligent virtual assistants and not related to the interaction between people. Chatbots are becoming popular in many business fields and being integrated into most apps leading the new trend.

Gartner said that “25% of customer services and support operations will be integrated Virtual Customer Assistant (VCA) or Chatbots technology through interactive channels by 2020”. This modern innovation is changing the interaction way between people and computers. Maybe many people have an extremely bad experience with Chatbot in 2018 but in this 2020, this technology will be improved, trained by AI and machine learning for natural language processing and analysis of the user’s emotions.


We were too familiar with the term “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), this is a smart technology programmed by humans. AI’s goal is to make computer programs smart enough to facsimile human behavior. Enterprises use AI to perform some tasks automatically, provide high-quality services, and improve their customer experience. Recently, AI development began to combine with machine learning. It showed very impressive results in the analysis of the organization’s big data. AI and machine learning can help develop mobile apps become more intelligent, able to figure out the reason behind the information, bring the personalization user experience, and increase user acceptance.

We can expect to see that AI and machine learning will redefine the way of mobile app development in the coming years. In a recent report by Gartner, the AI industry’s revenue reached 1.2 trillion $ at the end of 2018 and predicted that AI’s business value would reach 3.9 trillion $ in 2022. This 2020 will see a lot of amazing breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that promises to bring great change for business and society.


Progressive Web Apps is a type of web-based application that works like a normal website but fully supports the touch operation. It has all the same features as a normal mobile app but does not need to install and wait for downloads, and takes up very little storage space. Developing and maintaining these apps are simpler than normal mobile apps. This is believed to be the biggest trend that will appear in 2020. Software developers from Microsoft and Google have developed the PWA features when they designed for the mobile version of their browser.

From Twitter to Starbucks, PWAs are proof that any business can also achieve significant profit when using this technology. PWAs is the future of the software development industry and will be an integral part of the featured technologies trends in 2020.


In 2018, the network attacks targeting corporation’s systems and websites are constantly appearing, and this will also be a part of the network security context in 2020. A lot of well-known corporations in the world and includes government agencies, such as Facebook, Google, Singapore … have suffered significant cyber-attacks on data.

The statistics are indicating that businesses of all sizes are concerned about network security. The combination of security measures to protect the network in mobile application development has become extremely necessary. Application developers will have to find a way to invest more in security because it is linked directly with the laws that protect the data and privacy of the user. This will be an opportunity and a challenge for mobile app developers in 2020.


In the event I/O 2016, Google announced a completely new concept for Android apps. It’s Android App Instant. User convenience is the determining factor for the success of a mobile app and Instant Apps has done that. Android Instant Apps is a feature that allows users to run part of the mobile app from a link without installing. Running Instant Apps is very easy as surfing a website. So, it brings great experience to users while still not spend their phone memory.

2020, Instant Apps will play an important role in the marketing application. For companies worried about the cost, it would be a great feature that will help them to get back the money invested in a very short time.


“Wearable” is a word that is used to call all devices with integrated processor computer, electronic technology, and many other useful features that we can wear on hands. Wearable will become a fashion standard of the new era and continue to connect our lives with the internet. Currently, all wearable devices are synchronized with the smartphone. Therefore, both must-have applications paired together. With the number of users in the mobile development industry is increasing in every minute, the wearable device’s applications will create a new potential market.

According to the latest forecast of CCS Insights, the number of wearable devices will increase from 84 million units in 2015 up to 245 million units in the year 2020. On the monetary side, the wearables industry will be worth $ 33 billion at the end of 2020. With so much demand for wearable devices (smartwatches, fitness trackers), Wearable Applications Industry is expected to boom in 2020.


Virtual Reality is the term used to describe an environment simulated by computers; this is the technology that allows users to experience space and a completely new environment. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality technology allows you to interact with the virtual objects within the environment of reality. AR mobile apps will give businesses a bigger picture in order to attract customers. AR and VR have changed the face of mobile applications.

Global revenues from AR mobile apps is expected to increase 15 times within 4 years. In the coming year, there will be a lot of businesses that apply AR/VR technology to attract their customers and accelerate the process of purchase. Especially when the focus on the social media campaign is increased, the mobile apps will be developed with augmented and virtual reality elements to enhance interaction with customers. Instagram and Snapchat are the pioneers in the use of AR technology into their integrated filters.


This is a variant of E-Commerce (electronic commerce), M-Commerce (mobile commerce) have developed rapidly under the change of technology and user behavior. M-Commerce will be the inevitable trend of E-Commerce with many applications that will thrive in the future.

According to research by 451 Research, the number of transactions from m-commerce will overshadow the number of transactions from e-commerce in 2020. In addition, online payment using the method of non-contact on mobile phones is growing at a very high speed and expected to surpass 1 trillion dollars worldwide in 2022 with the lead of Google pay and Apple Pay Apps.

The smartphone market is still growing continuously with the significant improvement of the electronic payment infrastructure, and this will facilitate the development of mobile payment. This is a good signal to expect the e-wallet and payment apps that can replace the real wallet and reduce the amount of cash in the market.


When we talk about M-Commerce, the payment method is something that cannot be left behind. Any successful mobile apps must also have at least three or four payment methods such as credit cards or debit cards, mobile wallets, gift cards, etc. And the mobile apps that are linked to mobile wallets will allow users to perform financial transactions seamlessly.

In the near future when the mobile wallet application as Amazon Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, etc. will be developed everywhere and allow people to pay without using cash — a trend of the future.

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