Why Your Business Should Invest In Mobile App Development In 2020? 8 Things Will Change Your Mind

For most businesses, creating a mobile app is no longer an option, it is an urgent requirement in the era of smartphones today. In fact, smartphones are now being used more than three times the computer and the mobile app market is growing exponentially.

Therefore, creating a mobile app to meet and appeal to users is considered necessary to promote a positive customer experience.

Having a website is an indispensable thing in the first step of developing a business, but building a mobile app is currently still not a top concern. There are many businesses still have not discovered the values that mobile apps offer them.

So why mobile app development is necessary for every business?

An effective online marketing and business strategy is not merely a friendly website for all mobile devices. There are many reasons why businesses should seize the app revolution, here are a few reasons I’ve explored:

The Popularity of Smartphones

In today’s technological era, the smartphone is something indispensable in the daily life of every person. Mobile applications are making people’s lives simpler and more convenient and it’s changing the way we live and work every day. And to complete the work effectively, we can use a combination of a lot of mobile apps (Reminder, To-do list, Office, Outlook, Skype…) Therefore, the use of mobile apps in daily tasks has become an indispensable habit of people.

According to statistics, mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) now account for 65% of the total time users have used digital media, 62% of businesses have already had a mobile app or in the process of building a mobile app. Among them, 20% are using their application for the purpose of building the company brand, 30% are building a mobile app to generate revenue and 50% are using apps to support the business and communication activities.

Boost Your Profits By Mobile App

Yes, you can engage more customers with minimal effort and sell your products faster with a mobile app. As customer satisfaction is increased, revenue will also increase. In fact, according to SalesForce, 70% of the buying experience is affected by how customers feel they’re being treated. Therefore, developing a mobile application will create additional effective sales funnel through which you can reach your potential customers and boost your company’s profitability. You can encourage customers to purchase by pushing in-app notifications about separate promotions and discount codes. The mobile app is a great tool to help you engage your customers directly.

Strengthen Your Brand Image & Offering The Loyalty Programs to Customers

The mobile app is one of the most powerful branding tools to promote your products and services. When you have a new product or service, promoting your products is incredibly simple, such as push notifications and priority display on the mobile app’s home screen. This will increase the sales of the product while keeping the lower promotion cost.

Besides, one of the most important reasons why you should consider creating a mobile app for your business is customer loyalty. With the fierce competition of the market, businesses easily lose impact on their customers. Getting to prominence and attraction in the crowd is an incredibly difficult task in the present moment. So, having a mobile app is a great strategy to keep your customers engaged with your brand. 2 special abilities that a mobile app provides to users is awareness and communication with your brand. When you apply a mobile application strategy, you will increase the visibility of your brand exponentially. The mobile app provides an environment to regularly interact with your target customers and also increase their trust and loyalty. Moreover, the more frequently customers are exposed to your brand, the more often they intend to buy your product.

Provides A Direction Connection — Stay Connected With Your Customer

A mobile app can provide a simpler and more efficient channel for your customers to communicate and engage with your brand. Having messaging features (or request help) in your app can really make a difference in how you communicate with customers. Therefore, creating an intuitive and “easy approach” customer service channel can significantly improve the customer experience. Customers can find out product information, pricing, ordering, and payment online easily on the phone through the mobile app.

The unique features on the mobile app will be designed and programmed to provide the best experience for customers, much more optimized than the web app version. By accessing product information easily, customers will feel comfortable and more convenient, and they will be more understanding of your brand and your products. From there, customers will have more trust in your products.

New Marketing Channel — Easy to Access Content

Traditional marketing or Digital Marketing forms are taking a huge budget from businesses. But with the mobile app, you’re owning a free Marketing tool. Sending notifications (push notification) to customers when you have new products, promotions, vouchers… These are superior and absolutely free features that mobile app brings. SMS Marketing & Email Marketing are the paid tools and always considered as “spam” then the message is received from the mobile app.

When customers have installed your mobile app on their phone, it means you are marketing your brand (Branding) for free every day to customers. Because the app’s icon (company logo) is bold in the customer’s mind every time they open the phone, combined with getting a useful notification from your business will be a great means for customers to use your services or buy your products when they have demands.

Source of Data and Information

With the popularity of smartphones and mobile applications, businesses are leveraging the benefits of developing mobile apps to increase their customers’ traffic. Interacting with users becomes easier with the help of mobile apps. Building a customer persona from mobile app data has created competitive advantages for small businesses in the industry. Since they are just starting out, collecting customers through a mobile application is a great strategy.

When customers start installing and using your mobile app, they need to provide some information needed to create an account on the App. You can customize what information your business wants to exploit in customers, which can be customers’ basic information, preferences, or habits. This can be a great information source for the business when understanding your “leads” then transformed into real customers and take good care to become loyal customers. Due to the importance of customer data, businesses need to find a software services company that can build an app on-demand to ensure maximum security for customer data.

Personalize The User Experience

According to the survey, more than 70% of users expect a personalized experience with the brands they interact with. A significant advantage of mobile apps is to give businesses the opportunity to personalize content to interact with their customers, by leveraging the user’s persona to engage their customers in real-time.

Moreover, push notifications are an excellent personalized support tool, which can be used to attract your prospect directly. So users will feel to be heard, gain more insight, and thereby promote their purchasing decisions.

Become a Pioneer With The Diversity of Mobile Applications — Enhance Competitive Advantage

Smartphones have an increasingly powerful attraction. They are more suitable for the large volume of work that previously restricted by the laptops or desktops. Today, mobile apps are used to promote the brand/product or to provide access to existing services/products. Mobile applications provide businesses with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by providing an interactive and visually appealing environment. Your competitors will most likely create their own mobile applications. So, a mobile app is certainly a way of maintaining competition and making sure that your presence in your industry. Therefore, the lack of a mobile app can result in a leg against opponents.

With the modern technology environment and the rapid change of technological trends, the use of technology in business activity is the right path for businesses. Mobile apps or other technological products are increasingly being more concerned and are creating a markedly competitive advantage for businesses. If you want your business to become stronger, more competitive, and leading in the field, creating a mobile app is essential.

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